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8K Wallpapers (8K Backgrounds) - Live Wallpapers | Auto Wallpaper Changer is a free app that has a large varities of 8K And 4K (UHD).

Features 8k wallpapers and Live Wallpapers & ultra HD wallpapers :

The size is :
- 7680x4320 Ultra HD 8K Resolution Wallpapers
- 7680x4320 HD Widescreen 8k UHD 5K Ultra HD
- 4,320 pixels wallpaper
- ultra hd wallpaper 8k resolution 7680x4320 natures
- 1440p wallpaper

Wallpaer categories are:
* Love wallpaper
* Snow wallpaper
* Sunset wallpaper
* Winter wallpaper
* The autumn wallpaper
* Ships wallpaper
* Cars wallpaper
* Black wallpaper
* Galaxy colors
* Nature wallpaper
* Cities wallpaper
* Dreams wallpaper
* Flowers wallpaper
* Kids wallpaper
and 8k wallpaper , high quality backgrounds or wallpaper 7680 × 4320 and less
+800K more.

New features
* Performance improved
* Crop and set any area of the image as wallpaper
* Works offline (cache images)
* New beautiful wallpapers added

All wallpapers are from our personal cameras, or content is authorized to be reused. If you have any inquiries or complaints about anything within the content, we are happy to help you via the following email:info@8kwallpaper.net

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